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Not every bookie can reach insurmountable heights and proudly stick the flag at the pinnacle of online games achievements. The first part of the old name is not a coincidence in case of Pinnacle (PinnacleSports in the past), a company perceived by some to be one of the best providers of betting experience possibly unmatched with anything else worldwide. No bookmaker can get an A+ mark easily and without considerable effort to constantly improve one's service.

Founded in 1998 now spans across all continents with clients from over 200 countries. It didn't take long for Pinnacle to surprass its competitors and set standards for the vast online market. Any change that occurs there inevitably affects rates of any other bookie and that's why it's a must for any professional player to keep up the pace with what's happening on Pinnacle. Where does this enormous popularity come from? A lot of it is nothing more but a consequence of company's agenda and policies it stuck to since the very beginning. There are no things such as individual limits, at least you will not experience them no matter how much you win, which is a very fine example of a honest and sincere policy that Pinnacle is famous for.

Sticking to old-school fair-play rules actually does pay off. If you made a mistake by typing wrong events, you can easily erase the bet and cancel bidding. You can pay in using any favourable method without extra fees, even in case of credit/debit cards. Statistics and reviews are there just a few clicks away. Variety of events listed on the website might be a bit overwhelming, but doesn't leave a chance to not find something you were looking for, no matter if it's as unconventional as the 3rd League in Bulgaria might be. Having said about rates, no limits, comprehensive offer there is one more thing that has to be mentioned as a definite pros. Support operates every day and every hour and most often responds promptly within 15 minutes, which is another standard that a lot of companies don't even try to aspire to. Unfortunately.

Technical details:

Live Betting: YES

Available odds: Decimal, American

Payment methods: Credit card, Bank transfer, Moneybookers, Neteller, Instant bank transfer, Prepaid cards

Advantages of Pinnacle:

Propably the lowest bookmaker margin on the market - which means best odds.

One of the best for professional players - you won't get any limit.

Support available all the time.

Wide range of events to bet.

Disadvantages of Pinnacle:

No bonuses and promotional offers.

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