10bet - Bookmaker's Description

An average bookie with a questionable policy reflected by a C in SBR. However, during last few years its status has increased. Its popularity is based mostly on attractive reload bonuses of 50% up to 100€. Nevertheless, it’s not wise to be tempted by a good looking icing on a cake which appears rotten for some time and a lot of 10bet’s rules leave many players with mixed feelings. A lot of complaints were addressed towards unfair counting bills, ambiguous support’s explanations for unjust bending the rules in favour of the bookie and quick limits put on those who dared to win more than a few times, few enough though to label winning player a threat and exclude him.

Unfortunately in case of 10bet fair play applies only to those who are not savvy enough to stop their vicious circle of constant loses, which of course enrich bookie’s pockets. What’s worse than limiting good players is undoubtedly stealing money from them, banning their accounts or withholding payout in a desperate attempt to propel frustrated players into betting more out of boredom of waiting which may result in them losing more, which the bookie, as it appears looking at 10bet’s past is hoping for. Fee for payout is obviously to be expected in this case, but it shouldn’t. Terms and conditions are extremely rigorous and strict. Everyone willing to give 10bet a shot should be able to recite them in sleep – it might help to know your enemy well.

Bonuses seem to be the main, and maybe the only weapon this company possesses in its arsenal. The catch is obvious, as it’s very easy to obtain this allegedly free money, but only if our understanding of obtaining is limited to being able to view the money on the screen in your user’s account on a screen, which doesn’t translate to anything real in your life. Website is transparent and appealing to eyes, but there is no much merit behind these fancy layouts. The mechanism of it also leaves a bitter taste: it’s difficult to guess which bidding will be processed and accepted, not to mention cluelessness a lot of people feel about not knowing how any bet will be counted and with what odds. 10bet is still a lousy example of everything we don’t want to see in the world of online betting.

Technical details:

Live Betting: YES

Available odds: Decimal, Fractional, American

Payment methods: Credit card, Bank transfer, Moneybookers, Neteller, Prepaid cards

Advantages of 10bet:

Very attractive promotions – just one thing we appreciate here.

Disadvantages of 10bet:

Easy to get limits.

Lots of payouts problems lately.

About 10bet