Bankroll managment - how to profit in long term?

Betting money managmentSuccess in professional betting in connected with many factors. One of the most important is money management. The first assumption, without which it is senseless to speak about bankroll management, is long-term game. If we gamble we don’t have to worry about it, but if we prefer profitable betting , care about regular winnings and sustained increase in the balance we have to manage it wisely.

The eternal (perennial) problem is about that no matter how good we play there is always an independent factor- the lucky factor. After a series of an excellent bets we, there may be one, on which careless players would loss everything.

How to prevent loosing everything?

We have to be reasonably in the bet rate selection. There is no golden rule, which is good in every case. Everything depends on game style and the number of ticket’s combinations. With single bets 5% of our bankroll(the whole amount of money that we play with) is already reasonable. However, we play differently when it comes to combined bets. Here all depends on the number of combinations on the ticket. For tickets with more than 5 combinations we shouldn’t bet more than 2% of our money. But also in that case there is some flexibility. Also the general odd on the ticket is important. We will bet differently having the average of odds 1,2 than when it is over 2,0.

When I can bet everything on something?

The answer is easy – when you wanna loose everything! Or in the other hand if you corrupted some players and know the score 🙂

Be resonable – never bet everything you got. Especially your savings! The most important rule is to bet only money you can loose.

Think about it all, and good luck!