Betfair - Bookmaker's Description

A rare gem among many average and stereotypical companies and an intriguing take on betting from a completely extraordinary angle. Betfair is a tasty bite for professionals with a lingering hunger for new experiences. It’s an alternative for traditional bookies and a completely unknown territory for any daring explorers. Contrary to most bookmakers making their living from losers, Betfair’s mechanisms are a bit more complex and trickier to comprehend. Betfair should be considered more of an Internet platform, a zone, or a playground where players bet against each other instead of against the bookie, which acts here like an agent, or a middleman. It’s like a stock market with bets, and more importantly, a stock market playing by the rules of free market. Different laws applies here and more than ever options are unfold.

What do we mean by saying free market? It stands for lack of external intervention which means no limits, no preordained rates or inevitable fees. Betfair stimulates competitiveness and stands as a watchman making sure everything goes along with the rules without bending them or moving in. Everything is up to players and depends on them, even the odds. Users from all over the world join together to trade bets, sell and buy whatever they like at any time, at the price they find reasonable. Betfair is active on the market since 2000 and is authenticated by a high mark (A-) given by the SBR. Payout is extremely easy and quick, especially via Skrill.

Of course there are two sides to each coin. In case of so many players competing against each other from all over the world there is a requirement for higher security which results in more arduous registration process, a safety net which prevents certain people from dodgy activities like money laundering. This agenda explains why payout is accessible only through the same method as the pay-in. Rules of the free market might be a bit harsh and unfair at times, and it might be experiences most likely when trying to put a wager on something less mainstream. For more low-level games or events it might simply be a lack of interested players to make it impossible to even begin trading. Nevertheless, even when the variety of unseen before options seem to overwhelm at first glance it might be extremely worthy and gratyfing to nail it down and discover a completely new world of betting experiences.

Technical details:

Live Betting: YES

Available odds: Decimal, Fractional, American

Payment methods: Credit card, Bank transfer, Moneybookers, Neteller, Instant bank transfer, Prepaid cards

Advantages of Betfair:

Possibility to bet with other players, not the company.

Big chance go get the best odds.

Quick payouts.

Disadvantages of Betfair:

Sometimes your bets won’t realized if there is no other players who bet against you.

Small live betting option.

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