Betting rules - to improve your game

Betting rulesHere are some rules that, according to should bring you success:

Avoid very low odds.

Remember that any bet is 100% sure and the low odd loss instead of small profit can spoil many tickets.

Do not treat bet game as a game of chance

Each ticket should not be supported by the analysis of tables, previous meetings and the general condition of player or team.

If you use any method, like Progression, keep strict to the rules.

The change of score or a time, usually when you’re nervous, happen always when there is no need.

Beware of longer break in game.

They may cause significant change of player or team condition.

Do not create too large accumulator ticket.

Tickets with 10 meetings rarely win. The best is to combine such a number of bets with some method.

Do not be afraid of draw and the exact result.

You can also earn at them. And the profit from good result bet would be really impresive.

Bet when you’re in good mood and you are rested.

Your brain works the best then.

You’re drunk – do not bet.

Glass of wine may improve your mood, but after a bottle better don’t make any bets.

Do not discourage by failures

Even they are useful- you can think over your game and maybe change the method.

If you can, try to find the best odds and bet at bookie that have them.

With the time from these odds fractions you collect a substantial sum.