Boring July? Not for the soccer fans!

Confederations-CUP-2017-RUSSIA July is really a hot and interesting month for  the fan. Not only that the youth European  Championships has just started,    the Confederate Cup has also started this  Saturday.This is  a tournament which is  organised every 4 years that involves 8  national teams – Champions of  their  continents, World Champion and a host.  And that means we are going to have  extremely interesting matches between  teams from different parts of the world.

In The first group representations like Portugal, Russia, Mexico and New Zealand will compete with each other. And In the other group, Germany, Chile, Cameroon and Australia will compete.

At first sight, Germany and Portugal are favorites to the title and as history shows, the tournament is a very good chance to earn Money, because the favorites to the title that always used to win. The last 3 tournaments are the monopoly of Brazil, which won everything and with everyone.

Biggest chances to win the group stage are given by bookies to Portugal, Mexico, Germany and Chile. For us chances are really high, and the odds for some matches are very tempting.


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