Correct account registation at bookmaker

Register at bookmaker Correct account registration is a basic case while cooperated with bookies. When you create new account, please remember about few important things:

You have to use your own computer. It it also connected with getting bonuses from bookie.

Option “Cookies” should be turn on. In Mozilla you go to tools/ option/ private/ accept cookies.

You must give your true identity, because later bookie can verify it.

What verification is?

Account verification has a few levels. At the beginning, right after registration, we get an e-mail which proof our e-mail address. Later, but before the first withdraw, bookie may ask as for:

– ID scan or other document which can proof your identity,

– Bank statement (scan/xero),

– bill(gas, electricity, telephone, etc.) which was send on your address.

Usually verification is limited to ID, but some bookies are more demanding. Such procedure may seems a little bit strange to someone, but you must know that each bookie have its own security department, where he have to prevent fraud. After correct verification bookies delete scans.

How the registration at bookie looks like?

He usually asks you to give him:

  • personal and address data,
  • the date of birth,
  • account currency,
  • e-mail address,
  • phone number.

Giving him phone number is not dangerous. He won’t send you annoying text massages. When we fill each gap, we get an e-mail in which the e-mail confirmation link will be. Some bookies can also ask you to fill data to deposits and withdraws.

After verification it is good to verify your home address (send Id scan). When you start game you won’t have to wait 2 days for verification.