How to pull money from deposit bonuses?

Sure bonus Game on bonuses is ideal for beginner players who just stared to building their capital. Of course you can bet a lot and make required turnover, but sometimes it is not that easy. If you are rather occasional player we propose you to try our system Sure Bonus.

Sure Bonus is a method rarely featured on the web, but really effective and reliable. The name ‘Sure Bonus” is gave by our service. It is possible that it exist under a different name.

The system lies on taking bonuses with small waste only, but surely and not risky. For greater security you should invest at least 150 GBP (or about 200 dollars, however with a little luck you can try it with a smaller funds).

How much can you earn?

For each 100 GBP bonus you can earn at least 60-80 GBP taking no risk. When you find some great odds it could be about 100 GBP. If you have bad luck it would be less than 50, but you should always stay on profit.

How does betting on bonuses work?

Example will be the best way to show it. We’re making deposits at two bookies for 100 GBP per each. Each of the offers us 100% deposit bonus and require three times bonus and one time deposit turnover. So we have 200 GBP in each bookies and we are obligate to bet 400 GBP at each bookie. The odd of needed turnover is also important, but usually it’s about 1,4-2,0. Now the most important part of this system. To draw the bonus you have to bet two opposite results for the same meeting. Ex. The hockey match in the Handicape variant with the odd 1,91. In the first bookie 200 GBP with 1,91 odd, and the same in the second bookmaker. Regardless the outcome of the match we have 382 GBP and we need to bet for 200 GBP . At one 100 GBP bonus we lose only 18 GBP , so we earn 82 GBP . But don’t forget- we still have 200 GBP to make the turnover. For this purpose we’re making deposit to the third bookie in order to get another bonus and we proceed similarly.

To make the selection rate, that provide the same loss regardless of the outcome we advice you to use our calculator (will be add soon). Check out our Betting promotion section, where you’ll get to know where you should play.