Live progression with permanent profit

Live betting progression One of the progression form directed to permanent profit, which advantage is large number of bets in a short time. It is very exciting system.

It’s addressed to those who dispose larger capital. When funds are smaller the risk is higher, but you can try. There is some sports event live with two-ways bets with odds about 2.0. For example Cricket or Bowls.

It is about continuous betting odd or even-numbered. The odd number occurs much more frequently, but has relatively smaller odd. At the beginning, using our calculator, you set the desire return from the bet. The larger the return is, the greater numbers of steps in the progression it’ll leasts. For instance, when the odd is 1.8, you bet odds and planned that the return will be 10 it will look like this:

  1. Step one: Bet 12,5 with profit 10 or go to step two.
  2. Step two: Bet 28 with profit 9,9 or go to next step.
  3. Step three: Bet 63 with profit 9,9 or go to next step.
  4. Step four: Bet 142 with profit 10,1 or go to next step.
  5. Step five: Bet 319,5 with profit 10,1 or…

With odd 1.8 you need 565 for 5 steps.

When you choose odd 1,9 it will be about 400.

It is advised to use our calculator: [Live progression calculator download].