Margin - the way bookies earns on players

Bookmaker MarginDon’t you ever wonder how bookie earns? Sometimes such big group of people bet good number that it may seems that bookie should loss money at that bet. Nothing more wrong. He earns on so called “margin”.

Where you can find better odds?

Bookmaker margin is one of the most important factors that determine the level of odds which bookie offers. Reasonable players choose bookie considering his margin. Basically, margin is the bookie’s net profit, which he gets from money that we bet. The lower is the profit, the better are odds. Notice that margin is not constant for every presented bets. There are different margin for handicape and for linear bets. There are also differences between various sports and even league. Generally, low margin are for handicapes in basketball, baseball and rugby. We can also earn at linear bet . However, for us the most important is the level of margin, which various bookies get.

The easiest way to do it is to select a few disciplines (basketball, football, tennis, baseball, volleyball) and compare margins for the same meetings. For this the best is the calculator to margin calculate(soon).

It should be noted that the lowest margin does not automatically mean the best odd. It happens that low margin is being generated by high odd for the match outsider. Then you don’t gain as much when you bet at the favorite as you will betting at different bookie.

Which bookmakers have the lowest margin?

Number one in this case is Pinnacle. They have a policy to lower it as much as possible.

Another with good level of commision are:
Oddsring – one of the best for football betting.
Unibet – one of the best for tenis betting.
Bet365 – one of the best for hokey betting.