Odds checking - why should you looking for best odds?

Betting oddsThe greatest number of players make very serious mistake. They play at only one bookmaker at the same time, changes him only in order to gain a bonus. For some it may seem weird, but even if they play very good, they don’t have chance to maximizing their profit.

What is the result of that approach?

Players like this do not pay attention to odds differential which occurs at different bookies. Odds like 1,5 and 1,55 is the profit difference 5%. If you play with low bids it may seems to you as meaningless, but you have to look at everything in perspective. Making a bets for 1000 GBP, what one person take 3 days and other 2 months, the difference will be 50 GBP. Often such a small disparity may prejudge if we’re in the black or in the red.

The odds differences often are more than 5%. You must also remember choosing the bookie with a high margin that you don’t gain better odds. Often the bookie like this lowers odds for favorite, what causes making bets for outsiders. Also sometimes bookies having higher margin give high odds for meeting favorites , which majority of us bet much often. Even the worst bookies have sometimes the best odd on one option.

What to do with this odds?

Summing up, it is worth to check a greater number of bookmakers, not only because of bonuses, but also because of odd that they offer. But you do not need to have money on every bookie! You can use internet wallets like Skrill or credit card payment to move your money quick to the best offer.