Progression - simple mathematic system

It’s one of the most interesting game method. Method is relatively safe and sure.

The general rule is to bet the same incidents all the time. When you loss you should increase rate as much as it is needed to gain profit and to make up for losses.

The classical progression is about betting draws in soccer all the time at one league team. Almost always odd of such incident is above 3.0. If you loss you should make double lift as in the scheme below.

Progression betting table

Progression basic rule is to select appropriate initial rate and to chose proper team, which often draw in league matches.

Advantages of progression:

  1. Relatively high confidence, with the assumption of having large capital.
  2. You don’t need to be a sport expert.
  3. You save your time, because you don’t need to analysis, searching for odds.

Disadvantage of this system:

  • You need large initial capital.
  • The possibility of occurrence so called “black series”- lack of draw for a long time, when your funds ended.
  • Long therm game – league matches ever week, sometimes even two.
  • Necessity to maintain cold blood after series of lost bets.