Wimbledon - how to bet on effectively?


Grass is a specific surface and because of its speed, it favours players with fast service and offensive style of the game. It is the completely opposite to clay surface that can be found during the Grand Slam Roland Garros that took place just over three weeks ago. Those who did their best in Paris may not be successful in London. How to bet to achieve success at the All England Club?


The basic aspect in the effective tennis betting is the analysis of players during the matches that were held on the grass courts. As it was mentioned before, this type of tennis court will be perfect for the those who serve strong and flat and the ball bounces low. A perfect example is Roger Federer who has all of those advantages to win the entire tournament in London. However, this example is not very complicated and the odds offered for the victory of the Swiss certainly will not be very profitable, at least in the initial rounds.


The most important factor in tennis betting is the knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the players. The role of service and return on the grass court is much greater than at other surfaces when the possible break can be disastrous. While preparing the characteristics of a given player or a gameplay, it is necessary to compare the preferences of the court type and the preferred style of the game. It is worth to pay attention at the right and left-handed players because the right-handed players find it much difficult to play against left-handers.


Another aspect will be undoubtedly the comparison of the previous gameplays between the players (the latest matches are more important for tipsters). It is also worth looking at the rankings but they certainly should not be the main determinant in your betting on. The betting players should focus on the ELO ranking that in comparison to the WTA and ATP rankings collate players in terms of their performance against competitors of various skill classes. The victory over a higher ranked rival provides a lot more points as well as a defeat with the lower ranked sportsman who divests these points. It is worth noting here that much larger reshuffles and variations of physical shape occur in the women’s tennis- that is why their results may be much more unpredictable.


In your tactics, you can often include an underdog game. In this type of bets (and at every type of them;)) tennis knowledge is essential. When the vast majority of players bets on a player’s victory, the odds for his/her victory will automatically decrease and his/her opponents will grow. In this case, when we are not 100% certain sure when it comes to the match results, we can bet on the underdog.

In LIVE betting we can do similarly when our favourite loses the first set. When you analyse the status of each game and you notice that they were last-framed games, you can bet on the victory in the set or the entire match of your favourite player.

Some examples

Let’s look at three matches of the Premier tournament that took place in Eastbourne (June 28th, 2016). After losing the first set with Czech Kristina Pliskova, Angelique Kerber won another two matches and ended with the result 4:6; 6:1; 7:5. Similarly, the gameplays between Simona Halep and Chinese player Duan and Mona Barthel from Germany and Russian Svetlana Kuzniecowa ended. In every case, the favourite players lost the first game to win the match in two consecutive matches.